MEP exhibiting on the 30th SMM in Hamburg

From 6th – 9th September MEP will be one of the exhibitors on the 30th SMM in Hamburg, Germany.

SMM is the leading international maritime trade fair. This year’s 30th edition will be about digital transformation, climate change and the maritime energy transition into groundbreaking, implementable solutions.

From 6th - 9th September 2022, maritime industry professionals from all parts of the world will get the complete overview of innovations from all sectors, and enjoy the opportunity for live encounters on the exhibition ground as well as in the high-profile trade conferences.

MEP will be a part of this year’s SMM as an exhibitor and, among other projects, we will present our three products: Mini Data Center, Ship and Simulator Consoles and the Modular Marine AC UPS System.

MEP's presented products:
  1. Mini Data Center

Data protection and IT equipment are one of the biggest challenges of business today. This data may include your navigational or engine control system and other computers that make-up sensitive ship systems. A new product, Mini Data Centre Mini Data Center - MDC, with a modular design to increase flexibility via an open architecture, could be configured in any IT environment. The solutions used today in this segment are not professionally done and do not offer a complete solution at an affordable price.

MDC offers many advantages such as high energetic efficiency, saving on cooling and power supply and also incorporates all sensitive ITC equipment needs.

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  1. Ship and simulator consoles

Ship and simulator consoles are comprised of design, development, and manufacturing of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum navigational and control room consoles, simulator consoles, and similar constructions. Mounting and assembly of console electrical and electronics equipment, wiring of equipment is done according to customer drawings using advanced routing and labeling equipment. This includes testing and strict quality control coordinated with customers and can range from wiring check up to powering on any particular equipment tests up to interconnected systems tests.

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  1. Modular Marine AC UPS System

Marine power supply type DCPS is a supply system based on modular redundant rectifiers or bi-directional power modules. The lineup consists of a number of units in the standard power range from 2 to 60kW. The power supply system consists of the following basic building blocks: input protection module, rectifier modules, controller unit, battery connection module, internal or external batteries, and output distribution.

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Find more about what we will exhibit on the official SMM website.


We look forward to taking part in this long-awaited industry event and meeting market leaders in our field in beautiful Hamburg!

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