ECO SHIP addresses and seeks to solve the problem of environmental protection in coastal transport and to achieve a transition in the application of environmentally friendly solutions in propulsion systems for passenger vessels.

Currently, there is no similar turnkey innovative package on the market for alternative (environmentally friendly) boats that provides a complete service and meets the needs of the market.

Target markets

The target markets of the ECO SHIP package will represent the market of vessels with alternative (environmentally friendly) propulsion, and the target groups will be shipowners and shipping companies in public and private ownership, port authorities and seafarers in the coastal transport segment.

ECO SHIP will enable integrators greater added value and market representation of their own products and services through the incorporation of the package in question during the construction / conversion of vessels in their own shipyard.

Conceptual solutions for ecological
friendly vessels will include:


Marine systems design service for the purpose of conversion (retrofitting) of vessels powered by conventional propulsion into vessels powered by dual-fuel systems (complete functional conversion of an existing system into another system)


Ship design service for the purpose of adequate installation of electric and hybrid drives in vessels in new construction (installation of new systems, parts of systems, devices or equipment to be installed to meet the future purpose of the new ship) based on high capacity batteries and/or fuel cells


On-board system for uninterruptible power supply of critical systems (UPS system)


App (e-TMS) for monitoring the consumption of environmentally friendly fuels (LNG, electricity) to calculate the average consumption and projection of future consumption of the vessel, based on previous or similar routes and achieving greater economy of vessel operation


Theoretical and practical education of seafarers for the purpose of successful application of e-TMS application and alternative propulsion system through ship simulators, using a specially designed, unique, educational program on the market


ECO SHIP brings together four SMEs that have the competencies and specific knowledge acquired through many years of business in the relevant niches of the maritime market:

MEP d.o.o. Design and execution of critical and uninterruptible power supply systems in the maritime sector

Sarda d.o.o. - Development of applications for maritime transport

Conmare d.o.o - Ship systems design

Zorović d.o.o. - Education of seafarers

ECO SHIP will enable the target groups:

  • Achieving significant savings and greater economy of vessel operation manifested in lower operating prices
  • Satisfaction of the latest environmental standards prescribed by regulations in the field of maritime navigation
  • Extension of the service life of the vessel in the case of converted vessels (retrofit)
  • High level of seafarers' expertise in operating environmentally friendly vessels
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